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Solvent Systems, Inc. and its subsidiary, SSI Distributing, are St. Louis-based companies that specialize in helping end-users, retailers and consultants keep abreast with the ever-increasing demands for information, product and service in today's volatile and increasingly competitive computer market.

We provide our customers with an affordable alternative to the national mega-distributors and mail-order houses, while our staff fills an important niche in the midwest wholesale marketplace and beyond. We pride ourselves on offering service and support before and after the sale to corporations, single end-users, large and small dealers--right down to the one-man shop, the backbone of our SSI Distributing customer base. Our continued growth over the years is a byproduct of the support and trust our many customers have given us.

With our commitment to customer service, customer support, and above all, customer satisfaction, Solvent Systems and SSI Distributing want to be your total integration solution. Our regional focus has allowed us to build solid, long-term relationships with our many customers a rarity in the computer industry. We strive to provide the best products possible a task made easier with exceptional products like Tyan motherboards--then stand behind them. In these days of discount houses and superstores, we still firmly believe that independent computer dealers, resellers, and consultants offer the best value to the consumer. Our salespeople and technicians have the knowledge and experience to match our customers' needs to the correct system. Custom configuring allows us to ensure up-to-date pricing through daily inventory purchasing and also more effectively meets the end-user's individual requirements.

Everyone at Solvent Systems and SSI Distributing has this same goal: to find new ways to better serve the customer, through service and quality. Our progress, our sales, our future are all directed by our customer's demands for service and quality... That's our bottom line.